As winter approaches, it is necessary to prepare your irrigation system for the cold weather before it freezes. This normally occurs late fall, around October or November. You can be assured, our technicians will be in personal touch with you to discuss an appropriate time for this to occur.

For the sprinkler winterization, our Service Technician will turn off the water to the sprinkler system and back drain the plumbing before the backflow. They will use a towable air compressor to clear all the irrigation lines of water.

If water is left in the pipes over the winter and freezes, there is a good chance the ice will expand and break or crack the irrigation system. Once the water thaws those cracks can send water inside the home or underground, causing flooding or excess water to leak and pool. It is not uncommon for homeowners to find their lawn has become a swamp in the spring due to a burst pipe underground.

Additionally, the technician will deactivate the irrigation controller to ensure it doesn’t accidentally engage the sprinkler heads and valves.

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