Sprinkler System Repair

Over the past ten years, I have installed, repaired, and maintained residential and commercial irrigation systems, learning the business from the ground up starting on the outside and working as an installer and maintenance technician, learning every aspect of outside ground irrigation techniques and processes.

After several years of intense training and experience, I became co-owner of an Irrigation Company concentrating on the business end, while continuing to engage face-to-face with my customers and maintaining my expertise as an installer and service provider.

Coming full circle, I have now formed my own company that will ensure your irrigation needs are professionally met in a way that is mutually beneficial to each and every customer.

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Complete Sprinkler System Repair

The images below demonstrate an extensive irrigation system repair job. What was done? There are 9 zones and each one of them needed extensive repair to include rewiring valve boxes, replacing emitters with stuck nozzles, replacing rotor heads, rewiring rain gauge and fixing pump not wired correctly and also replacing pump start relay.  What made it more difficult was many of the valves that allow each “zone” of sprinklers to activate were buried in the ground – so they not only had to find the valves, but replace them. They also had several poly leaks that were found and repaired.  This is really a shout out to the crew who worked for several days to ensure the repair was done correctly — Todd, Jason, Tristan, Keith, and Dennis!

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