Start-Up/Spring Maintenance

In the spring, we recommend our spring start-up to get your irrigation system up and running for the year. It is not advisable to open a system too early, around April or May, depending on the weather of course.

The Service Technician will go through your irrigation system zone by zone and check every sprinkler spray pattern for optimum turf and plant coverage, and check each sprinkler for any leaks. The technician will program the controller for proper watering times based on the weather conditions. The technician will also check every valve for leaks. This is also the opportune time to discuss with the technician any changes you may want to the zone coverage and controller times.

If any damage is noted during the inspection, recommendations for repair will be provided before the work is started. It is also true that if you do wish to make any changes to the zone coverage, the technician will provide a information and details on any additional costs.

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