Fairview Heights Installation

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Hancock Irrigation stays cool on a hot day at Hearthstone Estates
June 22, 2017
New Install: Bethel Ridge Farms subdivision north of O’Fallon, IL
August 21, 2017
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This was one of the most difficult installs we have done, not due to the size of the yard or laying the cable, but because of the intricacies associated with all of these different elements.  Our customer requested that we dig up all existing landscaping in front of the house in order to lay the pipe and replace it exactly as it was originally laid. They also wanted the controller mounted on the outside of the house (which is normally inside the garage) and that meant they have to go under a fence to get the pipe to the controller and water supply.

Once they found the water line, they had to dig below that in order to let the plumber tap into it. Todd held one of the crew members upside down by his feet to scoop out dirt from the bottom of the hole so he did not disturb the water line situated right in the middle of the hole. Although this was a “small” job, it took every tool in their tool box to get this one done right. At the end of the day, everything was put back exactly as we began the installation. This day was also 100 degrees in the shade, so this was a job made even more difficult than some of the much larger yards.

What a great job!!!