5th Irrigation System Install at Bethel Ridge Farms Subdivision

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October 2, 2017
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November 2, 2017
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Hancock Irrigation has completed another system install at the Bethel Ridge Farms Subdivision in O’Fallon, Illinois. This is our 4th house plus the Bethel Ridge Farms Entrance in which we have installed irrigation systems in this subdivision. This one was particularly difficult since there were only two men working the entire system; from pulling pipe into the ground, digging holes for the sprinkler heads and valves and in this particular home, and digging a particularly large hole to tap into the water line outside of the house. The install job was a complete success and was finished within 3 days! Of course, the sod has not been laid as of this time, but that is another company’s responsibility as they must wait until the system install has been completed. Thanks to Todd and Keith who did a fantastic job at managing the work and completing the system in such a short time!