New Install: Bethel Ridge Farms subdivision north of O’Fallon, IL

Fairview Heights Installation
July 10, 2017
September 1, 2017
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This latest install was located in a new State Construction subdivision (Bethel Ridge Farms) north of O’Fallon off of Lincoln Street onto Bethel School Road. There were some obstacles for our crew to overcome as the lot contained a steep back yard and lots of trees. In order to install the irrigation pipe, our crew had to physically chop a lot of embedded tree roots in 100 degree plus weather. There were also several large boulders that had to be removed before they could start laying cable. In total there were about 70 Rain Bird Heads, 15 valves and a 16 Station Controller to install.

This home is the spec home for Bethel Ridge Farms so it really needed to be absolutely perfect, as all of Hancock Irrigation Services installs, but it also had a very short deadline. Now it is up to the landscapers to lay the sod. Congratulations, again, for a job well done!!